50 Favorite Gift Ideas for Girls,  Ages 3-5

I have had a lot of fun creating holiday wish lists with my little girl & we have come up with the Ultimate Wish List for you!   Below are some great gift ideas for girls.

Toy Recommendations for Preschool Girls, Ages 3-5

VW Beetle Convertible

hen I saw this adorable convertible from KidTrax, I knew this would be perfect for our little girl who loves to be on the go!

Pig Stool

It’s a little strange, but Abby has decided her nickname at preschool is “Piggy”.  When I found this adorable pig stool from Just Pretend Kids, I thought this would be perfect to give to our little “piggy”.

Peppy Pups

This cute toy looks like you are walking it, especially when you can pull him around with his very own leash.  It’s super soft & is a great price for a stuffed animal!

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