3 Very Easy Hair Styles for Girls

Hair Tie Faux French Braid

From the front and even from the back, this holds the hair back in the same way as a french braid. BUT there’s no braiding required.

Criss Cross Braids

You’ll need 8 little hair ties to make this easy and wet or damp hair makes it even easier.

1. Start with making two pig tails with just the hair at the top of their head.  2. Braid those two little pigtails.

3. Keep the two braids OUT and put all of the rest of their hair into two big pigtails.  4. Take the two little pig tails, make an X and tie them into the big pigtails.

Fun Style for Short Hair

This is just like the Faux French Braid above but for short hair. I used big hair ties for the photo so you can easily see how to do it but for shorter hair.

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