Easy Summer Craft for Kids: Curly Paper Octopus

This curly paper octopus can be simply made with copy paper, scissors, tape and markers or you can use the construction paper, google eyes, etc.

Supplies: – Construction paper or cardstock for the background painters tape – Construction paper for the octopus – Paint – Paint brushes

Step 1: Cut a circle out of the paper for the octopus head. Cut 8 strips of paper.

Step 2: Curl the strips of paper using scissors (construction paper curls easily). Glue or tape the 8 curled strips to the back of the circle.

Step 3: Flip the circle over and glue it to the sheet of paper/cardstock reserved to be the “background”.

We did one together and then I had Alex do one all on her own (she’s 5). She really enjoyed this craft and I think we’ll be making another curly octopus or 2 this summer.

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