Easy Summer Salad: Avocado, Black Bean & Corn

I can’t wait for the start of summer. Today I’m sharing one of my summer favorites. It’s a salad we enjoyed last year and already kicked off bbq season with last weekend.

I made this salad so many times, that I was able to decide which my favorite version is! It’s easy and goes with most things you’ll bbq.

I like to have a few easy, go to recipes that include ingredients we always have on hand. I usually keep some of the corn and black beans plain for the kids at the bbq.

Avocado Black Beans Corn, Cooked Cherry Tomato Olive Oil Lemon Pepper Squeeze of Lime



Dice the avocado and cut the cherry tomatoes in half. Cut the corn off the cob. Mix all of them together and add in the rinsed, drained black beans. 

Top with the olive oil, lemon juice and pepper. Add the squeeze of lime (just a squeeze! unless you love lime, then add more). Mix until well combined and serve.

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