Happy National Superhero Day!

Happy National Superhero Day! I hope you and your little superheroes are having an action packed day of super fun!  We’re celebrating with all our favorite superheroes today, including Gekko, Catboy and Owlette: our pals from PJ Masks.

So we’ll be spending our National Superhero Day having a crazy fun dance party in capes! For a little down time, they can plug in their PJ Masks Headphones for some music listening. 

How cute are these headphones? If you think your little one would like a pair, visit our PJ Masks dance party REEL on Instagram for a chance to win a pair!

We’ve been PJ Masks fans since the start. Years ago when the show started, Alex was a mega Owlette fan and still talks about how she’d play PJ Masks on the playground in preschool.  Now she has two little brothers that love the show.

Excited to celebrate National Superhero Day? Decide on your super power for the day and get dressed up and head out on an adventure (your yard or playroom!). To help celebrate, check out the free activity sheets from PJ Masks and the song lists.

Included are the PJ Masks Dance Party, Make Your Move and Power Game activity sheets. They are so cute, fun and interactive! They will keep your little superheroes moving all day long!

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National Superhero Day Activities