Quiet  Time  Boxes


We have five new quiet time box favorites


They are REALLY cool looking and I find my kids way more eager to use them. They can also be magnetic so these + a cookie tray are a great quiet time activity. Because these letters are so fun looking, I find my kids think they’re more “toy” less “school”!

I Spy

They’re very calming and you can make a list to put in the quiet time box – either written out if they can read or drawings. Then they know what to find. OR have them just look and list or draw what they see. 

Dough sets

Play dough sets are my favorite for quiet time. Sometimes I try and come up with my own ideas, but it’s so easy to order a few to keep on hand. I’ll be linking to ones that go along with our “weekly themes” the next few months.

Paint by Sticker

We discovered these during quarantine thanks to a friend. These have been a hit from my preschooler on up to adults!