Strawberry Greek Yogurt Waffle Cone Parfaits

This recipe is kid-friendly, easy to make, and delicious. I am excited to share a fun new recipe that we enjoyed this week with our freshly picked strawberries.

This time together is a great way to just decompress from the day and enjoy a special little treat together. The kids enjoy making their own snack & love the “special snack” that I put out.

All you need for this special after school treat is the greek yogurt mixture, fresh cut strawberries, waffle cones, & Juicy Juice juice boxes.

Whip Cream Strawberry Greek Yogurt Fresh Cut Strawberries Waffle Cones



Mix the Cool Whip and Yogurt together in a bowl. Layer the whipped mixture and strawberries into a waffle cone to make a parfait. Serve with Juicy Juice juice boxes.

I paired the homemade snack with one of our favorite after school drinks, Juicy Juice drink boxes. All Juicy Juice juice products are made from real juice.

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