Tons of Fun Camping Themed Activities for Kids

The kids are really interested in camping all of a sudden. With a few weeks left of summer vacation, I wasn’t quite prepared to take a 3 year old, 5 year old and baby camping, but I did come up with some fun ways to “camp” during the day in our backyard.  Here are a few fun camping activities, books and gear we have been enjoying:

Camp Fire Hand Prints

We swirled around the red, orange and yellow paint on a paper plate to make a “fire” like color. Then used it to make a handprint. Then I let the kids use their fingers in the brown paint to finger paint the logs for the fire.

Foam Silly S’mores

This cute s’more craft set came from Birthday Express. Everything you need to make tons of funny foam s’mores comes in the kit. It was easy and a lot of fun for the kids.

Eeboo Summer Crafts

We found some really fun craft sets from Eeboo this summer. We made Pom Pom Necklaces and Crepe Paper Flowers while we were “camping”.

Story Cards

 To get our “camping stories” going I gave them a set of Eeboo Story Cards. They were outdoor, animal themed and made for some adorable tales. We sat around our fake campfire lining up the cards and telling stories.

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