50 Free Summer Activities for Kids

It’s fun to have some activities to either do with them or tell them how to do. We’ve come up with a list of 50 Free Summer Activities for kids.

I’m looking forward to no schedules and plenty of time for the kids to run wild in the back yard. We hope this list adds some fun to your summer without breaking the bank.

We’re sharing our favorite summer Stride Rite shoes. The Phibian is a sneaker sandal that’s part of Stride Rite’s made2play line.

This shoe is one that your kids can truly wear all summer long. It allows kids to get outside and really play. They can run in the yard, play in the sand, & jump in the ocean.

1. Bubbles! 2. Go on a picnic 3. Run through the sprinkler 4. Go to a playground 5. Pretend paint the house or deck (with water & a paintbrush) 6. Wash the car

Now for the list of fun activities!

9. Collect Rocks and paint them 10. Have a pretend campout 11. Make a ripped paper craft (like this watermelon) 12. Make a toy bubble bath in the water table

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