Three Fun Ways to Celebrate Earth Month with Stonyfield

Happy Earth Month! Today we have three fun ways to celebrate Earth Month. We have an “earthy” recipe, a fun little DIY and a free printable packed with more ways kids can get involved.

We were happy to partner with Stonyfield® Organic Kids® this Earth Month to share these fun activities.

Three Fun Ways to Celebrate Earth Month

Save your Stonyfield® Organic Kids® yogurt cups and use them as little planters.

1. Plant flowers

2. 10 Things to do  to Celebrate the Earth

1. Hug a tree 2. Have picnic 3. Clean up park 4. Turn of the lights 5. Recycle!

3. Yogurt Dirt Cups

Now for a fun Earth Month recipe: dirt cups! This is SO easy and a fun “earthy” snack to bring to a school party or enjoy at home.

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