Favorites for a Day on the Go

After a year at home, we are so happy to be back out on adventures. Since Teddy was born at the start of shutdown, it’s our first season of life on the go with him.

I recently got a Lulyboo Diaper Cubby and it’s the coolest “on the go” bag I have ever tried for baby.

It’s a backpack with all the compartments you could want and then it folds out to be your own changing table on the go.

My favorite part is that you can zip out a portion of the Diaper Cubby and easily attach it to your stroller! When I pack a bag for the day, I bring everything I could possibly need.

Some more features of the Lulyboo Diaper Cubby: insulated pockets to keep bottles warm, diaper changing mat is removeable and washable.

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