Two Fun Flowery Crafts: Perfect for Mother’s Day!

We’re feeling spring-y and crafty over here this week! Mother’s Day, Teacher’s Appreciation Week and a few family birthdays have us crafting like crazy: the kids and me too.

Today I’m sharing two crafts we did that are easy, fun and perfect for Mother’s Day gifts. Grandma will love these! We made modge podge picture frames and handprint flowers.


Wood picture frame, Modge Podge, Sponge Paint brush, Scrap book paper & Scissors. Directions: Trace the frame on the scrap book paper and cut it out.

I have a strange love of scrapbook paper. I have lots of scrap book paper with plans of “some day I’ll think of something to do with it”.

The girls really enjoyed this craft. They hadn’t worked with modge podge before and loved that it made the paper “shiney”.

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