3 Easy Patriotic Crafts for Kids

These are fun to do on a rainy day or even to let kids do at a 4th of July BBQ to keep them busy (maybe not the painting one!!). They’re also cute summer camp crafts.

Easy DIY Patriotic Planters

I did this craft a few years ago with the girls and this week let the boy try it. We ended up with some pretty fun outside “decor” for Memorial Day Weekend.


Red, white & blue foam star stickers Small metal buckets Plants Directions: Let the kids design the metal buckets with the red, white and blue stickers.

Paper Plate Star Wreath

Here’s a festive way to decorate for 4th of July and bonus: it will keep the kids busy for a little while!


Paper plate, star stickers & ribbon Directions: Cut out the center of the paper plate.

Straw Stamping Fireworks

This is a fun one! Also… it’s not nearly as messy as it sounds. I let my boys & their pal make them this week and no people or furniture were covered in paint at the end.


Paper, red & blue paint, 5 bendy straws, tape, paper plate Directions: Start by taping the 5 straws together. Tape them in the middle so the bottom is free to “bend”.

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