Summer Meal Planning: Farmer’s Market Meal

Farmers markets are back open around the country. Today I’m sharing tips for farmer’s market meal planning.

Farmer’s Market Meal Planning  Pasta

Mac and Cheese – So many great cheese varieties at the farmers market! And they often let you have samples.


BLT – The heritage bacon and fresh bread are carrying the sandwich here- but local tomatoes and lettuce don’t hurt!


Jam Glazed Chicken – I feel like almost every farmers market and craft fair has a jam/jelly vendor- choose your favorite flavor and melt over chicken.


Tomato Soup – This is my favorite tomato soup recipe. Strain it after you cook it to make it as smooth as Campbells!


Big green salad – No recipe but just chop up whatever you bought! Make a quick dressing with olive oil and lemon juice and some herbs.

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